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Lamb's Yard

The Lamb's Yard: An Adventure in Learning

The dream of a 20,000 square foot school garden habitat began in 1996. Using the Michigan 4-H Children’s Garden and Atlanta Botanical Children’s Garden as inspiration, both the student and teacher committees developed ideas for theme areas in the garden.  We were grateful to have the guidance of Amy Carter, Horticulturist with NESPAL the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences of the University of Georgia Tifton Campus.  She provided professional design expertise, plant information, and moral support. Until its closing, Sandra and Charlene at Smith's Nursery in TyTy were always ready to help hunt down the plant that we really needed.

Wide sidewalks were poured and irrigation installed. A gazebo with an entrance ramp for handicapped access was purchased by the PTO in the fall of 1999. The Student Advisory Committee named the area “The Lamb’s Yard: An Adventure in Learning was installed in the spring of 2000. The 2000-01 school year was very busy as we added the Memory, Musical Playscape gardens. The additions were partially funded through a Pay for Performance Grant awarded to the school in the fall of 2000. The partially funded by GENIE Institute grant and a Georgia Outdoor Classroom grant was installed during the 2001-02 school year. In 2002-03 the final major project,Time for Weather was installed. A boat playhouse and pergola for the Storyboook Garden and a "Pick Me" Flower Bed were installed in Spring 2004.

The guidelines sign is posted on the brick wall (gym) at the north end of the garden. The guidelines serve to remind teacher and students that The Lamb’s Yard is an area for instruction and learning, as opposed to a playground. It is a habitat for plants and animals.


The following certification signs share the area: 

  • SchoolYard Habitat from the National Wildlife Federation (1996)
  • Georgia Pollinator Garden – Monarchs Across Georgia (Fall 2005)
  • Monarch Waystation – Monarch Watch (Fall 2005)                 
  • Youth Garden Grants Program 2009 Award Winner


The support and enthusiasm of Julie R. Sumner, Principal of WCPS from Fall 1995 to Spring 2001 has been instrumental in making the outdoor classroom possible.