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Musical Playscape

Musical Playscape

The Musical Playscape is an outdoor area for music instruction and classroom use. Bond Anderson, from Sound Play, Inc., designed, built, and installed the instruments. The deck was built in a cooperative effort by the Worth County High School construction classes. It was rebuilt in 2004-05 with funds from the Environmental Excellence Award.

It consists of nine instruments: 1 rainwheel, 1 soprano metallophone, 1 tenor metallophone, 1 soprano marimba, 1 set of stamping tubes and 4 tongue drums, which are built on a 33'x28'x6' hexagon shaped deck. Steps and a ramp lead to the deck.

A classroom of approximately 24 students can perform on the instruments simultaneously. Benches allow students to sit and listen to others perform.

The Musical Playscape was officially dedicated on April 30, 2002. Rennovations were made possible by the Environmntal Excellence Award.